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May 2023


Art Direction, Web Design, Production

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Nifeliz is delightfully simple. We are just ordinary assembly enthusiasts, enjoy the pure joy of assembly. But here’s the thing – we believe that joy knows no age limits or boundaries. Whether you’re young or old, facing life’s pressures or basking in its pleasures, there’s something truly magical about creating with your own hands. More importantly, we love sharing the joy of assembly. So we start to do something meaningful. Our mission is clear: we’re here to delight ourselves and share that joy with others. We design sets that we ourselves would love to build. We provide top-notch service. We ensure that every moment spent with Nifeliz is comfortable and enjoyable. We listen to your feedback and strive to make things even better.

Stories? They are surfaced in all we do.

Storage box

We believe that preparing storage tools for parts before assembly isn’t cool at all – in fact, it can be quite cumbersome. Every set should be complete and inclusive, providing users with everything they need for a seamless assembly experience. Recognizing this need, we took action.

With each Nifeliz set, you’ll find several free storage boxes meticulously included. This commitment to completeness and inclusivity isn’t just a feature – it’s a fundamental principle that drives everything we do at Nifeliz.

Parts packing

Why do we love building toys? We ask ourselves this question every day. We enjoy the fun that comes with assembling them; we appreciate the thoughtful design that goes into the process; we relish the sense of accomplishment when completing a set; and we take pleasure in displaying the finished piece, admiring its beauty…

However, we probably don’t enjoy spending a lot of time searching for parts, and that’s why we’ve invested significant time and effort into making our parts packaging more detailed and precise. Each bag corresponds to several steps in the instruction manual. It keeps things nice and organized.

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