ABOUT Nifeliz

Established in March, 2010

Nifeliz is an adult bulding block toy company, we always believed that the childlike innocence of adults should be protected and satisfied, so we founded our company, and dedicate ourselves to this industry for over 10+ years.
We have experienced setbacks and confusion on the road to success, but we never give up. In the past ten years, from a small company in Shenzhen to the current scale, more than 50 employees, office area of more than 1,000㎡, factory area of more than 4,000㎡.
All the works today Inseparable from consistent adherence, also inseparable from the company’s core values: quality as the cornerstone, and customer-oriented, we believe this business model will bring us more harvest.
We are very grateful to our customers and employees who accompany and support us all the way. We will devote ourselves to work with greater enthusiasm and bring more creative products to our customers.
“Always keep your childlike innocence alive, young at heart.”

Founder Ms. Xin


Bring the best products & services to
the world.


First-class product design &
Top 10 supplier within the industry


Customer- oriented​
Inheritance and breakthrough​
Embrace change​
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