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Nifeliz July New Products Preview: Upcoming Car and Brand New Series!

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Today, we are thrilled to share the exciting news of our upcoming product releases!

New Mini Car

NF10272 Nifeliz Mini HOONIKEN Model Car Set (1,421 PCS)

We’ve made a new attempt with our latest car model by adding a steering linkage to the traditional brick car. This feature allows you to rediscover the joy of playing with your favorite toys from childhood. While ensuring the exterior remains true to the original car, we have also enriched the internal details. To replicate the texture of the original car, we used a plating process to recreate the exhaust manifolds, twin turbos, roll cages, lift pumps, and surge tanks.

You think July only brings one new car model? Wrong! We are also launching two brand-new series.

Brand New Series 1

NF10277 Nifeliz CAMERAS Building Set (2,109 PCS)


We are excited to introduce our new CAMERAS building set, which features two cameras with different focal length lenses. This set is a 1:1 replica of real cameras, allowing for interchangeable lenses and an extendable screen just like the real thing. The CAMERAS are elegantly displayed on a black stand, making them a stylish addition to any office or home decor. This stunning piece captures the essence of real cameras, making it a perfect conversation starter for photography enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Brand New Series 2

NF10278 Nifeliz QUARTERBACK Building Set (660 PCS)

Our new series features a football QUARTERBACK model, capturing the iconic pose of the player holding the ball with both hands. We have also designed a display base with a printed nameplate, making it a stylish piece for home or office decoration. Of course, you can also choose it as a ideal gift for your football enthusiast friends.

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