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Unveiling the Story Behind Nifeliz’s Leopard Ⅱ A7 Building Set: From Military Passion to Precision Design!

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Ever thought about building a tank using building bricks? Whether you’re a military enthusiast or a LEGO lover, it’s a fascinating idea, right? Well, that’s exactly what designer Yestin did when we asked him to create our special Leopard 2A7 building set. With his passion for military vehicles, Yestin jumped at the chance and dived headfirst into the design process. However, things are not as simple as imagined.

Very soon , Yestin and his team faced their first big challenge: how to accurately replicate the external shape of the Leopard 2A7’s turret. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy task! The turret’s external shape is complex and unique, not an easy part to abstract. “Picking the right piece is like painting with perfect brush strokes.” Yestin said. The team spent countless hours analyzing blueprints and reference photos, trying to capture every curve and angle. They experimented with various building techniques and piece combinations, creating numerous prototypes. The design team went through tons of sketches and model samples, but nothing seemed just right. Despite this, Yestin and his team didn’t give up. After multiple attempts and failures, they finally nailed it. This perseverance and effort were crucial in making the product perfect.


But Yestin didn’t stop there. For him, capturing the external shape is just the beginning. Driven by his passion for perfection, he believed that to truly bring the Leopard 2A7 to life, he needed to meticulously recreate its internal structure as well. Every detail, from the internal structure design to the position of each component, even down to the shell loading channel, was faithfully recreated. This involved an in-depth study of the tank’s mechanics and interior layout. Yestin and his team meticulously recreated the driver’s compartment, the engine bay, and the intricate loading system for the main gun.” Details are the most important part of my design,” Yestin explained. “I want this building set to showcase not only external beauty but also the intricate internal structure.” He believed that these internal details would allow builders to appreciate the engineering marvel that the Leopard 2A7 truly is. This dedication to detail is one of the main reasons our Nifeliz team chose to collaborate with him.


During the design process, another significant challenge arose: choosing colors and paint effects. Initially, Yestin and his team discussed various options, including using a monochrome scheme, but Yestin found it too plain. We suggested using printed parts or stickers to achieve the visual effect, but Yestin rejected this idea: “I want them to particpate in it, not just sticking pre-made things, that’s too boring,” he said. He believed achieving the effect through the bricks themselves was more meaningful. Yestin and his team experimented with different shades of green and black, aiming to recreate the realistic camouflage patterns used by the actual tank. They tested various brick arrangements and color distributions, ensuring that the final model not only looked authentic but also provided an engaging building experience.

After many discussions and attempts, Yestin achieved outstanding camouflage visual effects through clever color combinations. He wanted his creation to be building toys first and a model second, allowing players to feel more involved and accomplished. The final result left the entire Nifeliz team pleasantly surprised and satisfied. The camouflage effect was not just a visual triumph but also a testament to the team’s innovative approach and relentless pursuit of perfection.


When the Leopard 2A7 building set was finally completed, we were blown away by its delicacy and detail. It’s not just a model; it’s also an artwork, an expression of emotion. This building brick set embodies the dreams and passion of military enthusiasts, and we couldn’t be prouder of it.

The Leopard 2A7 building set isn’t just for military and LEGO enthusiasts; it’s a journey filled with passion and memories. Through this building brick model, we aim to bring more excitement and joy to every enthusiast and continue creating outstanding assembly models.

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